My Immunization Records              

First, what is ShotsTracker software and what can it do for me?

MyImmunizationRecords ShotsTracker is a way of managing vaccination history for yourself, your family or your patients (depending on the version you purchase).

Software Features

  • Quick, easy set up
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8
  • Create unlimited immunizations per person
  • Depending on version, one to unlimited users
  • Useful for Professionals (daycare, schools, clinics)
  • Track all standard and historical vaccines
  • Track place of administration
  • Custom enter non-standard vaccines
  • Enter vaccine in layman's or medical format
  • Print detailed vaccination list
  • Network capable (PRO edition only)
  • Free email support
  • Trial version allows full demonstration of features     checkmark   
  • Backup and restore data

And why would it be better than my doctor's records?

Because there is no centralized method to track a person's immunization history, many times you end up getting duplicate shots. Your childhood vaccination history, school and military records and adult immunizations can all be listed in one place. Using our software to assist with organizing this task, you can easily generate a complete and up-to-date list of immunizations (which you can have your current medical doctor sign off on).

Download and install the Shots Tracker: My Immunization History software. It will automatically create a Sample User for you to practice with.

Download your free Demo copy today!   

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